Advanced CrazyFit Vibration
Plate Technology

The Ultra Plate™ has been specifically designed with the latest 2014 specs - a 13mm amplitude combined with 50-60 Hertz and the unique 2000 W ECOdrive™ motor to maximise muscle activation. It operates on 99 super-intensive speed controls with 6 Quick Start controls for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. These features have been designed to ensure your body is not placed under undue stress and your muscles are able to respond and actively engage with the vibrations to give you faster and more effective results.

Physiology researchers have found that excessive vibration speeds are counter-productive – creating a jarring effect on the body with muscles unable to switch on and absorb the vibrations effectively. Excessive speeds can also cause headaches and body imbalance that can lead to potential injury.

To ensure you are buying the most advanced CrazyFit vibration plate technology look for specs that have a maximum of 99 speeds, 13mm amplitude, 50-60 hertz and 2000W motor - these are the most advanced CrazyFit vibration plate specs available that guarantee peak muscle activation for faster and more effective results without any harmful affects.

Work out smarter, not harder with Ultra Plate™
The ultimate 2014 CrazyFit vibration plate!